Black Pearl Jewelry Catalog
South Sea and Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Since 1987
South Sea and Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Since 1987

Pearls; mythological symbol of love and beauty, are one of the most alluring of all gems. Referred to by the ancients as "tears of the gods." They remain incomparable and mysterious, the perfect gem encased in an unremarkable vessel. South Sea Tahitian pearls radiate an exotic allure that evokes images of the pristine waters of the South Pacific and the blue lagoons of French Polynesia.

Pearls are our passion. We follow this pursuit exclusively to secure the most exquisite pearls for our discriminating clients. We understand the magic of this fascination.

In Aspen, Colorado and in Poipu and Hanalei on the island of Kauai, you're sure to find the piece uniquely suited to your desires. Please call one of our pearl specialists to speak personally about any item you see on these pages or, to discuss your interests in any pearl or piece of pearl jewelry you might have in mind.

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